Totem mite 8ohm version

This is totem mite 8 ohm version based on the  same units with original one. Read the article. The new crossover and measurements  here

Impedance Box measure

A smart design from Bo Arnklit, a reviewer of audio Review magazine. It works very well with old LspLAB software. Accuracy from 5Hz-22Khz.

ecl82 tube amp

2 watt valve design with ecl82 tube. Old schematic and modifications for this amplifier. Oscilloscope measurements.

LM1875 mono amp

A mono amplifier LM1875 for audioDIY measurements. Simple and clear.

Who we are

Thesprotiko village loves Rock and audio

38km from Preveza Is a small village, Thesprotiko. A place famous for Rock and Red. In this place i design, rebuild and make loudspeakers. I have also developed a software for loudspeaker design, known as spkLAB

Notes on Audio...

Some theory

In Greek language only

  • "Band Pass Loudspeaker theory"

    based of Fincham papers
  • "Horn Loudspeakers"

    theory behind horns
  • "Active filters"

    elektor magazine inspiration